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Name:Tatum Riley
Location:Woodsboro, California, United States of America

Tatum Riley, originally hailing from Woodsboro, California. Head cheerleader, popular girl, best friend of Sidney Prescott.

Given how Tatum's story ends, anything taking place after the end of Scream is AU. Basically, the story I have for her is that the garage door stalled at the last moment and she was able to slip out of the doggy door and run away. She hid and he ended up having to leave in order to keep the plan intact. She passed out and woke up in the hospital. She was sent to an aunt in New York City where she ended up going to college. She became an actress and model for a while before going back to college and getting her degree to become a drama teacher. After the latest set of Woodsboro murders, she moved back to Woodsboro and became a drama teacher at the high school.
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